i want to be creative…

i thought it would be a good way to start off my blog with a proper introduction…you know, let you know who i am, why i want to blog, what my intentions are here.

i have a lot of reasons for wanting to have this blog…to document my SL experiences, to expore my feelings thoughts and observations in SL, how my SL affects my RL and vice versa, my reasons for being in SL…but my main reason for starting this blog is because i want to have an outlet for some creativity in my life. i’m a busy mom of two small children, i work full-time outside of my home. i don’t have a lot of free time to get creative purely just for the purpose of being creative. in fact, RL seems to move so fast sometimes, that i often feel like i don’t have any spare time to just be me, know what i mean? let me explain…

when i first arrived in SL in February of this year, i really had no idea what SL was all about. I knew it was basically a 3D chat game, but beyond that, i didn’t really get it (i know now it’s so much more than a game). i knew i was looking for something, but i wasn’t sure what it was i was looking for. i had been involved in online communities before, mainly mothering and parenting based chat forums and for a long time those online communities really fed my soul, and it felt great to be a part of. but as my kids grew, i started to feel like i needed something more, something just for me…not the me that was a mom, but just the me that was me. don’t get me wrong, i love being a mom and my kids are my world, but i reached a point where i realized, there’s more to me than that, and i wasn’t doing anyone any favours by ignoring that desire in me – it just made me moody, grumpy, tired and just generally feeling rather flat about my life. i needed something that was just for me and noone else…if anything, just so i could maintain my sanity! i don’t think i was really aware of this when i first started out, but SL quickly became a place where i felt like i could express my true self, where RL responsibilities didn’t weigh me down, and i could have a little taste of freedom that i had been missing in RL. basically, i just wanted to have fun, and that’s exactly what i have been doing in my SL (most of the time, haha)…hence my blog title.

i’m not a builder or content creator in SL. i’ve dabbled around with building small objects…i made a rug and a couple of wearable shirts for my avi…but that doesn’t really feel enjoyable for me. i mostly end up frustrated and ditching my attempts to make anything to go shopping or dancing LOL but i do enjoy writing, even if it’s just for myself to read and reflect on. i’ve always considered myself to be a writer, and i really enjoy the SL blogs that i follow. for awhile now, i’ve been wanting to start a blog of my own, but i always seem to come up with excuses to not do it – i don’t have time, what’s the practical purpose, noone will read it anyways, i’m not a good writer, blah, blah, blah. i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m going to stop listening to those negative voices, or what i call the “itty-bitty-shitty-committee”, and i’m just going to do it. i think i have something worthwhile to say, and what it comes down to is my desire to express some creativity in my life through my SL experiences…just because it makes me feel good… what better reason is there than that?

RL vitals…i’m soon to be 36, mom of two super cool and cute kids, social worker, i live in Toronto, Canada. i’m a small town girl…a country mouse living in the big city, and i love it. RL is great but busy and moves fast sometimes, so i look for social interactions in the online world. it’s convenient, it’s cheap (well, cheaper than RL) and where else can i meet and interact with people from all over the world while i sit at home in my pj’s eating popcorn? SL is pretty cool me thinks, and i really, truly enjoy my time online. so, that’s me.

now, before i lose my nerve and erase this little piece of writing, i’m gonna publish this post to my blog. here i go…this is me stepping out of my comfort zone…

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