SL Shopping in RL

Have any of you ever been out and about in RL and you find yourself shopping for stuff for your SL avatar?  Well, it happens to me a lot, and yesterday when i was out Christmas shopping, i bought this: 
Anyone who knows me in-world, knows that i have a thing for skulls.  Skull t-shirts, skull sneakers, skull earrings, necklaces, belts, tattoos…you name it, if it has anything skully on it, then i either already have it or soon will.  i even have a folder in my inventory for all my skully items. 
Note the skull t-shirt, and skull sofa.  oh, and my favourite skully chucks…
For my SL, skulls suit me.  In RL, i’m not quite sure how i would fit that purple skully purse in with my office wardrobe.  I tried it out with a couple of blouses and different jackets, which my 7 year old daughter gave me an enthusiastic thumbs down for.  

In the end, she reasoned that she would make better use of the purse than i would because she likes skulls too, purple is her favourite colour, and “my lunch box fits perfectly in it, see?”  ok, ok, so i handed it over. 

But darn that purse would look so great in my SL wardrobe.    

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