Haters Anonymous

I got my first (and hopefully last) piece of hate mail last night.  It came in the form of an offline i.m from someone in-world who apparently took offense to an opinion I expressed in this blog post.  I’m not sure why i’m getting this reaction now, i posted that two months ago.  Whatever the reasons, I have a hunch that the person behind this piece of hate mail is actually someone I know who used to be on my friends list and sent it to me from an alt account. I don’t have any concrete proof of that, but intuitively, I’m pretty sure that this is the same person. I can recognize that bad spelling and crappy punctuation anywhere.

There’s no sense in repeating verbatim what was said, but the hate mail was pretty much along the lines of…”u have no right to pas jugdment, u have no clue what your talking about, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, u suck”. It was pretty intense and I’m shocked that anyone would take the time to respond with such hateful words to something I wrote about on my little blog. It really hurt my feelings, which I guess is the whole point of hate mail isn’t it?

Dear Anonymous Hater, 

If you’re reading this, you’ve accomplished your goal. You thoroughly hurt my feelings (for about a minute) and this only reaffirms my reasons for dumping you from my friends list in the first place. I hope this makes you feel better about yourself, but I seriously doubt that will last very long.

Oh and by the way, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t send anonymous hate mail…because guess what? I can see right through it.  

One more thing…

Now that i got that out of my system, moving on…

In hindsight, yes, I think I did express a pretty strong opinion about SLove and relationships, but I trust that anyone taking the time read my blog is intelligent enough to know that behind my “i’m so over it” declaration (which btw, i’m not completely over it), I was really hurting and my words had nothing to do with anyone else other than myself. I hope you all believe me when I say that I don’t go around judging anyone and their relationships in SL.

I actually almost took that post down (and all other posts related to it because 1) I felt embarrassed by my display of raw emotions and 2) because I thought it might offend some of my friends. I decided not to delete the posts after I had a heart to heart with my good friend who told me that I shouldn’t delete it because I was speaking my truth and there were probably a lot of other people out there who could relate. She also reminded me that if reading my words really bothered anyone that much, it was probably because it was hitting too close to home for them. She’s one smart cookie. I wish I could give her proper credit here, but she’s shy.  You know who you are wise friend. 

Anyway…I’m not gonna let this little bit of silliness put a cramp in my day.   In fact, I take it as a compliment.  You know what they say – you’re nobody ’til somebody hates you….er, i don’t consider this particular person enough of a “somebody” to make their “hate on” for me significant.  

But hey, at least I got a blog post out of it…and, for what it’s worth, my SL is still fantastic.  

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