BBBC Day 2: Focus on the Positive

Big Bad Blogger Challenge topic for today:  Write about three positive things going on in your SLife.

I’m usually a pretty positive person, and luckily, I haven’t had too much drama in my SLife.  It’s not been completely drama free, but it’s been minimal and I try to keep it that way.  That’s not to say that I haven’t had any opportunities to open the door to drama and negativity, it’s just that when trouble has come a knockin’, I choose not to give it any more power and I walk away from it.  I don’t mean I run and hide, it’s more like, I just don’t engage in it.  You see, in my 36 years I’ve learned that in the grand scheme of things, life is short, so I pick and choose my battles carefully.  I’d much rather invest my precious time in something positive that I feel good about.  After all, this is SL, and I get to choose exactly how I’m going to experience it.  

As for positive things, I’ve got a lot of things going on in SL right now, so narrowing it down to three seems like a hard thing to do.  I gave it some thought, and I can say that all the positive things going on boils down to three defining elements:  friends, creativity and a little bit of escapism.  

In-world, I think I can count on one hand the people I consider to be close friends.  Some of them I chat with often, and others I chat with only every now and again.  But no matter how much time goes by, we can always pick up where we left off.  In many ways, I consider these friends my SL family.  They are my friends who are always there for me, who never judge me and can always make me laugh.  Like my SL BFF Aubree.  I hate to differentiate between SL and RL here, but I’m pretty sure that if we lived anywhere near each other, we would be friend’s in RL too.

My blog, which I wrote about in yesterdays post, provides me an opportunity to write again and to explore my creativity.  Blogging gives me little projects to do in SL, even if it is taking just one snapshot or keeping my eyes open for something to blog about.  And when it comes to creativity in SL, I think I’ve only just scratched the surface of creative endeavours in SL.  

From the time I could read, I always enjoyed sitting down with a good book and escaping for a short time to another world.  It’s no wonder that I took to SL like a duck takes to water…a slow duck I’ll admit, but a duck no less.  I have a busy and sometimes crazy life. If I made a list of all the things I do in one day, you probably wouldn’t believe me.  On any given day, you’ll often find me juggling work responsibilities, house renovations, parent council meetings, play dates, appointments, lessons, laundry and all the other usual household duties and so on and so on…are you surprised when I say that I log into SL to escape all of that for a little while?  And hell no, I don’t feel bad about it.  Mama deserves some play time too. 

In the beginning of this post, I said I was lucky to not have so much negativity in my SLife…but on further thought, I think that has more do with well thought out choices(sometimes i make bad ones too) rather than just plain luck.  Thinking of it this way reminds me that my experience in SL, be it positive or negative, is in my own hands…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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