Random Nonsense

Friday, and I’m literally sweating my ass off!  This heat wave is intense and although I have air conditioning, it’s not cooling off my entire house.  The a/c is old and it’s about as effective as an old man blowing air.  I spend my time at home with my fan blowing directly on me and my laptop, keeping us both cool.

This week in SL has been fun and busy for me.  I got a few things done, I started a job as a hostess at my friend Experience’s bar, and I made some new connections.  It’s been a great week.

Last night, I was hanging with some friends chatting and somehow the topic of vampires in SL always seems to come up, particularly when there is a noob around.  I have nothing against vampires, but I wish someone would have warned me about the dangers of being bitten by a roaming vampire.  What is it with these vampires that prey on unsuspecting noobs?

Back when I was a noob, maybe a couple of weeks old, I got bit by a vampire.  You see, already, I got myself into the habit of quickly dismissing all those notices that kept popping up in the blue dialogue box on my screen.  How many times have we all done that?  You accidentally click ‘yes’ or ‘ok’ on those blue boxes like a reflex before you even read what it says. Well, one day a vampire sent me a request to let them bite me and that’s what I did.  I ended up clicking on ‘yes’ and didn’t even know what I had done.

It’s not like being bitten has had any detrimental effects on my SLife.  I never would have even known about it if it wasn’t for my friend Ty, who had joined a vampire clan and one day decided to inspect me with his vampire hud inspection thing.  Sorry, I have no idea what it’s called.  Anyway, he told me that I already had a vampire bite and that my avatar soul was in eternal limbo – unless I contacted the vampire who bit me and asked her something about getting the wormwood potion to release my soul from lala land, or wherever the hell it had disappeared to.   He told me her name, I looked her up and based on her profile, I surmised that she didn’t speak a word of English!  I don’t speak a word of French, so I haven’t bothered to get in touch with her.

You’re probably wondering why I am telling you this story.  I’m telling you this because this whole thing makes me laugh because I’m generally a very laid back person, it takes a lot to get me mad.  But every single time discussion turns to the topic of vampires, I get all pissed off because my poor avatar soul is in eternal limbo and I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT!  Now my soul is eternally drifting off somewhere in cyber space doing God knows what.  And for all I know, my soul could become eternally damned should I accidentally click yes on one of those notification requests again.  I think I should start getting into the habit of reading those before I dismiss them.

But, as pissed off as I get about this, I’m too stubborn to pay the $250L to buy that wormwood potion.  Maybe I’ll learn some French and make that evil vampire buy it for me.

Am I ridiculous or what?

P.S:  Thank you to my new friend Daisy…you’re the first person I’ve talked to who feels the same way I do! We had a good laugh about this didn’t we?  May our avatar souls will float off in limbo together LOL


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