Burn2: OhMy Shalala’s Earth Journey

More from Burn2 today…  

OhMy’s Earth Journey installation is described as a special quest through Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.  It is a breathtaking build with a huge impact, taking me on an emotional journey through the four elements illustrating our connection to the Earth and our responsibility to protect it.  It is beautiful, disturbing, powerful, brilliant, hopeful and so much more.  It’s message has lingered long in my mind since I first experienced it last night. 

I really don’t have any other words to describe it, except that it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  Go experience it!

2 thoughts on “Burn2: OhMy Shalala’s Earth Journey

  1. Juno1959

    I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the JOURNEY. I wanted it to evoke feelings and thoughts about our connection to the elements and our planet. Was a gift for me to bring it to everyone!~ OhMy Shalala


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