I moved to Five Islands over a month ago, so this weekend I figured it was about time to put my parcel together so it looks at least kind of finished.  I was going for a pine forest kind of feeling, and I’m happy with how it’s coming along.  I still have some edges to smooth out on the land, but if I don’t have success with that, I’ll just throw some sculpted rocks down to cover up my terraforming mistakes.  That always works.  Crap has assured me that he has the sim backed up, so if I blow the place up, all won’t be lost.  Let’s hope things don’t resort to that.

It looks pretty good I think.  I named my parcel Asilomar, which means “refuge by the sea”.  It’s also the name of a hotel/conference facility in northern California.  So much for being original.  Oh well.

Of course I will have to change it all again come December when winter arrives in Piper Point.  That’s okay though, it gives me another project to keep busy with.

I’ve been low on inspiration for SL projects these days.  I don’t know why.  I have a whole list of things I could do, and some ideas for creative projects, but without inspiration, all those great ideas seem rather lifeless.  

I’m probably feeling this way because I am exhausted from my RL work.  Even though this is the first time in forever that I am caught up with my paper work, I am feeling emotionally, mentally and even spiritually depleted.  I’m a social worker in the urban Aboriginal community, which I normally love, but in the last couple of months or so, I have been feeling like I am fighting a losing battle.  So many problems, not enough solutions. 

Add to that a sick child who I took the hospital the other day, and being scolded by the attending doctor for not being up to date on my son’s immunizations.  Up to date?  We never started to begin with.  Sorry doc, I made an informed choice not to immunize my children because I don’t trust what is in those vaccines.  “What, did you google that information?”

/me flips the doctor the middle finger…(not really, but I sure felt like it)

My son is fine, btw, just a minor skin infection that is not uncommon in young children.  Nothing a course of anti-biotics won’t take care of.  I’m not against mainstream medicine.  I’m pro taking your health and wellness into your own hands, and making informed choices – that may include choosing an alternative approach to wellness, the allopathic approach, or both.  As I said to my mother, who often questions me, “if I ever break my arm, don’t take me to the Naturopath.  The emergency department please!”  I’m tired of people questioning my decisions because they are different to the norm.

I don’t know why I’m complaining about this here.  I should be grateful for living in a country where I don’t have to stop and think about whether or not I can afford a trip to the hospital.  I’m appreciative, really I am.  That doctor just freakin’ pissed me off and I’m still fuming about it.

Do I have any good news?  

My friend Magician, who I met quite randomly a few weeks ago, made me this awesome 3D sign:

Isn’t it cool?!  It rotates and it’s textured with photos we took at Burn2.  It’s awesome and it totally made my day when I rezzed it.  Big smiles all around.  It actually kinda makes me want to build and create cool in-world content too…there we go, a little piece of inspiration that I should act on, soon.  The only question that’s left is, what am I going to build?

Okay, I should get to work on that, or something to get me out of this mood.  Let’s hope that next time I have anything to report here, I won’t be so damn cranky.  


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