5 of 365: Cultural Appropriation 101

I had another blog post and photo planned for today, but then this came up, so here I am.  

I don’t know who organized this hunt and what the thinking is behind this.  With American Thanksgiving coming up, I think it’s an understatement to say that this Gatherer’s Pow Wow Hunt is in pretty bad taste.  Bad, bad idea.

Oh how do I count the ways in which the images portrayed in this poster are offensive?  As a Native American person, I am deeply offended and highly annoyed to know that these kinds of stereotypical images are still being perpetuated. 

I’m not averse to sharing my culture for those who are genuinely interested.  I am not another angry native woman.  I am a person who has worked very hard to overcome stereotypes that have negatively IMPACTED  my life and I will speak up about that when the need arises.  

I’m not going to get angry about this.  This only makes me want to contribute content to SL that expresses authentic Indigenous culture and art, because we have something meaningful to contribute to the world – not just tipi’s and tomahawks and fake rocks blessed by “Shamans”.

Maybe this is a kick in the pants for me to start building and creating.

2 thoughts on “5 of 365: Cultural Appropriation 101

  1. Carrie Lexington

    yes, i think the poster can provoke some harsh ideas for some people. i wanted to mention this here not because i want to point an accusing finger at anyone because anger and hostility is not really constructive. my sense and my hope is that there was a good intention with the hunt, but to me, it comes across horribly wrong.i just feel like i have to say that because i don't want to make anyone uncomfortable and feel like i am shaming them. not my intention at all.


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