28 of 365

Today’s photo is straight out of SL, no enhancements, no cropping, just windlight.  I did import the photo to PSE, but I decided I liked it just the way it was.  So there you have it :))

I know it’s far too early in my 365 project to make any definite conclusions about where it will lead me, but one thing I am learning as a result of doing a SL photo everyday, is windlight.  I use windlight presets a lot, however, I have never made my own settings.  I’m learning that it’s not hard at all to do, and it can dramatically change the scene of a photo.

I also have a thing for silhouettes/shadows and animal avatars.  Right now, I happen to be interested in wolves.  I wonder what other kind of winter animal avatars I can get my hands on?

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