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71 of 365: Few and Far Between

My poems come few and far between.  I’m the type of poet who will write a poem maybe two or three times a year.  Can I even call myself a poet at that rate?  Probably not. 

Actually, that’s not true.  I write poetry more than that, but the ones that I feel are worthy of being shared with others and read aloud are less frequent.  Quality over quantity I guess?

I probably would read my poetry more often at the Blue Angel Poet’s Dive in SL, but the timing is not great for me.  It’s on Sunday nights at 5pm slt, which is 8pm my time and my son’s bedtime.  Tonight he fell asleep early so I took the opportunity to log in and head over to hear some poetry.  

Crap read some of his work tonight (which I’m a huge fan of) and I decided I was due to read something too, so I did.  I still always get nervous when I read there with all the “real” poets, haha.

If you like poetry or if you have some poetry to share, the Blue Angel Poet’s Dive is the longest running open mic for poetry in SL.  Sunday nights at 5pm slt for the last 6 years I believe.  

Maybe I’ll see you there :))


70 of 365: Spiritweaver Star Party

Well, if you want to double your blog traffic overnight, one way of achieving that is to post a naked picture of your av, and put the word “nude” and “69” in your post title and voila, instant traffic boost.  I won’t repeat some of the search terms that showed up in my stats tracker, so use your imagination. Heh.


A few months back I wrote about the Spiritweaver StarSpace at Burn2 by Edanna Spiritweaver.    I was flattered to receive an invitation to her Star Party in her new and improved Star Sphere which took place this afternoon.  

I had a lovely time floating around to the ambient and angelic music. 

Edanna designed the Star Sphere for “meditation, and spiritual exploration through a visual experience of colour and movement”

More from the notecard:

“The human body is a beautiful thing and for a long time, I’ve experimented in creating colorful flowing prim attachments that would showcase the avatar shape.  But, I kept adding and modifying the prims until the body was almost hidden; then the spirit of the avatar began showing through.  How people decorate their avatars reveals much about their true selves.  By providing these colorchanging flexi prims and a space to animate the avatar, I hope participants can see their inner spirit shine through.  

Safe journey,

Edanna SpiritWeaver”

67 of 365: Time on my hands gets me into trouble sometimes

Yesterday I had a scheduled day off from work.  With all my household chores caught up on, the kids at school, and my husband away this week, I was free to do whatever I wanted.  So of course I logged into SL, caught up on some blog reading, published a blog post, and since I had the leisure time, I decided I was going to fix the html on my blog template so I wouldn’t have those huge spaces between paragraphs.  Not a big deal, but those huge spaces always kind of bothered me a little.

“It can’t be that hard to change the html a little”, or so I thought…

Four hours later, I tinkered with it a little too much and to put it bluntly, I completely f*@$%d it up!  Pardon my language.  My blog became a hot mess of half missing headers, screwed up fonts and paragraphs and no columns for my widgets.  I ended up having to start over.  

The Template Designer for Blogger is not too bad, and I managed to find one that I could customize to the way I liked.  I had to google up some Blogger tips and tricks to get the header right, but all in all it wasn’t that hard, even for me. 

At the end of the day, I’m pretty happy with the new look for my blog.  What do you think?  are the fonts okay?  Are the photos too small or too big?  I have a small 15 inch screen on my MacBook, so what looks good to me, might be huge and annoying on someone else’s screen.

I still might tweak it a little here and there and try some different fonts or backgrounds, but to save my sanity, I will not be tinkering with any html ever again.

66 of 365: 1000+ Avatars Project

Back in November, I responded to a Plurk from Gracie Kendal asking if anyone wanted to pose for some photos for her latest creative project in SL.  I eagerly posed for a portrait and have been watching this project evolve ever since.  I went back today and tried finding my portrait on the walls, but with over 1000 portraits up there, I couldn’t find mine.  It’s there somewhere 🙂

1000+ Avatars started out as a small project to illustrate online anonymity/identity, with Gracie taking portraits of avatars facing away from her.  It has now evolved into a documentation of the SL avatars.  Every avatar up on those walls is unique and creative and reflects something of the real person behind it.  I kind of wish I would have gussied up my av a little more for my portrait, like maybe put my bear av on or something.  

I hear that Gracie plans to use these portraits for a gallery show in RL and possibly even a book.  She’s far surpassed her goal of 1000 portraits, but she’s still going strong and making room for even more portraits.  

If you feel like participating in Gracie’s project, and expressing your avatar self by posing for a portrait, stop by her studio to check it out.  Don’t forget to pick up the notecard at the studio for more info about posing for your portrait.
Think for a minute about what makes you fabulous and how you can celebrate it” 
– Laura Mercer

65 of 365: Those greyed out names on my friends list

My friends list is haunted with names of avatars that have long since disappeared from SL.  Some of those people were acquaintances, and some of them, or one or two of them were people I was very close with.

I guess having your friends disappear is a hazard of living part of your emotional life online.  It hurts when someone you have shared your time with and care about goes poof from the grid.  The not knowing if they are okay is what hurts the most and the worst part is that you can’t do anything about it if you don’t have their rl contact information.

Even worse, is trying to explain to anyone in your rl that you are missing and worried about your virtual world friend, because that doesn’t usually go over well.  It just leaves you feeling even more hurt and isolated.  For me, it even got to the point where my pent up emotional distress manifested itself as physical pain in my body.  Well, not really pain, but this strange feeling of nauseousness in my stomach that I have never experienced before, and I hope to never feel again.

Tonight, I scroll through my friends list and it feels like a graveyard of greyed out names that will never again be lit up with that familiar bold font that tells you “i’m online”.  I should delete them, but I just can’t bring myself to do it and I’m not entirely sure why.  It’s not because I have any hopes of them ever coming back to SL.  I let go of that a long time ago.  

I had a conversation with one of those friends once about how fragile online friendships/relationships are, and also the strange dichotomy of forming deep emotional attachments online, but yet there is is still a strange element of shallowness in there.  Like, how could these friendships mean anything if they could disappear so quickly?  I didn’t get what she meant at the time, but I think I get it now. 

I suppose I keep those long lost friends on my list because the avatar names are the only tangible proof I have that those friendships/relationships we had were indeed very real, meaningful and substantial…and not shallow. 

Even after many months have passed, when I glance through that greyed out section of my list and I come across those ones that abruptly vanished, I still always hope that the real people behind those avatar names are okay, and happy in their Lives. 

64 of 365: Gulf of Lune

One of the reasons why I enjoy taking photos so much in SL is because the time I spend setting up a snapshot – finding a scene, trying different camera angles, going through windlight presets, or sometimes making my own setting – gives me the opportunity to really get immersed in the environment that has been created.  I notice subtle things like small little details in the environment, the music that has been chosen, and the environmental sound effects.  

When I find a place that I really like I often go back again and again.  Gulf of Lune is one of those places for me.  It is a virtual representation of a salt marsh from the American Pacific Northwest, and it is really beautifully done.  

I already posted the last two photos in previous posts, but I wanted to post all my photos together, so sorry for the repeats. 

Visit Gulf of Lune.  This sim is definitely one of my all time favourites :))