58 of 365: PopArt Furniture and my Linden Home

Okay, so I know everyone is probably over the Linden Homes but…for whatever reason, tonight I felt like doing something with mine.  Especially after I came across a landmark for some low prim furniture that looked not too bad.

PopArt Furniture has some pretty nice, low prim pieces.  I was able to completely furnish my 117 prim Linden Home with pieces I bought at PopArt, and everything you see in these pictures (with the exception of the fireplace and the ceiling lamps that came with my Linden home) cost $1L each.  You can’t go wrong for that price.   

My decorating style is actually more “eclectic bohemian”, but I like the way the house turned out.  It feels very clean and modern and is quite different for my decorating taste.  I like it.

If you’re looking for some low prim furniture pieces for a real bargain, go check out PopArt Furniture.  I was pleasantly surprised by this find. 

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