66 of 365: 1000+ Avatars Project

Back in November, I responded to a Plurk from Gracie Kendal asking if anyone wanted to pose for some photos for her latest creative project in SL.  I eagerly posed for a portrait and have been watching this project evolve ever since.  I went back today and tried finding my portrait on the walls, but with over 1000 portraits up there, I couldn’t find mine.  It’s there somewhere 🙂

1000+ Avatars started out as a small project to illustrate online anonymity/identity, with Gracie taking portraits of avatars facing away from her.  It has now evolved into a documentation of the SL avatars.  Every avatar up on those walls is unique and creative and reflects something of the real person behind it.  I kind of wish I would have gussied up my av a little more for my portrait, like maybe put my bear av on or something.  

I hear that Gracie plans to use these portraits for a gallery show in RL and possibly even a book.  She’s far surpassed her goal of 1000 portraits, but she’s still going strong and making room for even more portraits.  

If you feel like participating in Gracie’s project, and expressing your avatar self by posing for a portrait, stop by her studio to check it out.  Don’t forget to pick up the notecard at the studio for more info about posing for your portrait.
Think for a minute about what makes you fabulous and how you can celebrate it” 
– Laura Mercer

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