67 of 365: Time on my hands gets me into trouble sometimes

Yesterday I had a scheduled day off from work.  With all my household chores caught up on, the kids at school, and my husband away this week, I was free to do whatever I wanted.  So of course I logged into SL, caught up on some blog reading, published a blog post, and since I had the leisure time, I decided I was going to fix the html on my blog template so I wouldn’t have those huge spaces between paragraphs.  Not a big deal, but those huge spaces always kind of bothered me a little.

“It can’t be that hard to change the html a little”, or so I thought…

Four hours later, I tinkered with it a little too much and to put it bluntly, I completely f*@$%d it up!  Pardon my language.  My blog became a hot mess of half missing headers, screwed up fonts and paragraphs and no columns for my widgets.  I ended up having to start over.  

The Template Designer for Blogger is not too bad, and I managed to find one that I could customize to the way I liked.  I had to google up some Blogger tips and tricks to get the header right, but all in all it wasn’t that hard, even for me. 

At the end of the day, I’m pretty happy with the new look for my blog.  What do you think?  are the fonts okay?  Are the photos too small or too big?  I have a small 15 inch screen on my MacBook, so what looks good to me, might be huge and annoying on someone else’s screen.

I still might tweak it a little here and there and try some different fonts or backgrounds, but to save my sanity, I will not be tinkering with any html ever again.


3 thoughts on “67 of 365: Time on my hands gets me into trouble sometimes

  1. Succubus Eebus

    …"It can't be that hard to change the html a little", or so I thought…" .. lolol I have exactly the same behind me… really the same.. now I use bloogers indraft to have more fonts and could finally find some nice templates I really love on a special page, googled for hints to have header and side links in the middle.. I'm fine now (btw it's my first blog, I just started new)and I love it (giggles).. and I can tell you, (sitting in front of a 24" wide screen TFT at work)you made a very good job :))


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