70 of 365: Spiritweaver Star Party

Well, if you want to double your blog traffic overnight, one way of achieving that is to post a naked picture of your av, and put the word “nude” and “69” in your post title and voila, instant traffic boost.  I won’t repeat some of the search terms that showed up in my stats tracker, so use your imagination. Heh.


A few months back I wrote about the Spiritweaver StarSpace at Burn2 by Edanna Spiritweaver.    I was flattered to receive an invitation to her Star Party in her new and improved Star Sphere which took place this afternoon.  

I had a lovely time floating around to the ambient and angelic music. 

Edanna designed the Star Sphere for “meditation, and spiritual exploration through a visual experience of colour and movement”

More from the notecard:

“The human body is a beautiful thing and for a long time, I’ve experimented in creating colorful flowing prim attachments that would showcase the avatar shape.  But, I kept adding and modifying the prims until the body was almost hidden; then the spirit of the avatar began showing through.  How people decorate their avatars reveals much about their true selves.  By providing these colorchanging flexi prims and a space to animate the avatar, I hope participants can see their inner spirit shine through.  

Safe journey,

Edanna SpiritWeaver”

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