72 of 365: A few random thoughts…

My husband has been abroad for the past week.  It feels like longer.  Before he left I told him not to call me because the part of the world he is in is remote and he was only going to be away for a week.  Yesterday I was kind of wishing that I didn’t tell him that because I miss him.  We pick him up at the airport tomorrow and I’m looking forward to having him back at home.

I’m having fun with my 365 project, but taking high res pictures everyday in SL is filling up space on my hard drive fast and my photo collection is only going to grow.  So, last week I got brave and decided I was going to move my iPhoto and iTunes library to an external hard drive in order to free up some space on my MacBook.  Moving iPhoto was easy and all my photos are in tact and in working order.  The iTunes migration was a little more complicated, and while at first I thought I did it correctly, I’m now starting to think that I did something wrong.  All my music and podcasts are there, but my ratings and playlists are gone.  And when I plug in the external hard drive, iTunes opens and works, but a copy of it shows up in my trash can.  I don’t know what’s up with that.  I can live without the playlists and ratings, but if a copy of my entire music collection is still somewhere on my hard drive, it defeats the purpose of freeing up all that space.  

Why I didn’t just wait until my husband got home to do this, I don’t know.  I get impulsive sometimes, and I’m always stubborn, which equals trouble.  Well, at least I didn’t screw up my iPhoto library.  I seriously would have shed tears if I lost all my photos – my rl and sl photos.

Speaking of photos, I had an idea that it would be nice to print off and frame some my favourite photos from my 365.  Or maybe even create my own little gallery to display them in-world.  I still have 193 days to go, but thinking about it now gives me another project to look forward to.

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