When it rains it pours

I’m afraid that I am going to have to put my 365 photography project on hold. This past weekend, our internet went down at home, which is why I haven’t posted anything here. Yesterday was a holiday, so today is my first day back in front of a computer because I am at work. A technician is coming this afternoon to fix the router at home, and my plan was to get caught up with my 365 project this evening.  Not a big deal. 
But, I arrived at work this morning and received a text message saying that there has been a death in my family. Not only that…more text messages…our car broke down and is in the shop for repairs, my kid is sick so I have to leave work to go pick her up, my husband injured his hand at work and is on his way to the ER. It’s not even 9:30am yet.
 I take a few deep breaths and run out for another coffee.
 My great aunt, who was 92 passed away in her sleep. The funeral is on Thursday or Friday. I don’t think we will be able to make it. My parents are okay with that. My husband is okay, he just needs a few stitches. My babysitter can pick up my daughter from school until I can leave work, hopefully before lunch time.

I open my work email and I receive a message from my Supervisor saying that my name has come up in the random draw for my files to be audited by Quality Assurance…today. Fucking great.

And the hits just keep on coming.
 I have 35 client files, the largest caseload on my team. Fuck it, I’ll hand the files over as they are and if I get my knuckles rapped for not keeping my files in perfect order, too bad, I have a life and I have other priorities right now.

Needless to say, I will not be in Second Life for a few days at least.

My mind is racing , and I have a lot of things and people to take care of. Taking some time out to update here was one thing I had to do for myself so I don’t go completely insane.  Somehow, I have to find the energy to do what I need to do and hold it all together.

All I really feel like doing is sitting down and crying.

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