Monthly Archives: March 2011

114 of 365: Seraphine’s Mood

Photo taken at Seraphine’s Mood.

113 of 365: Call me crazy

Sunsets and snapshots of my avatar face are always my “go to” when I’m feeling low on inspiration.  

I kind of had this crazy idea to do a 365 project of all nude avatar photos.  My traffic stats would go through the roof.  I did one nude photo and that post is now my third most viewed post and climbing, LOL!  That makes me laugh.  

It’s probably a good idea to finish my current 365 project before thinking of another one.  I must be crazy, or just really, really tired. 

111 of 365

I went exploring a place called Dark Moon this evening which was quite nice.  Unfortunately, every time I tried to take a snapshot, I crashed.  I managed to get one photo…

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day with not so many crashes.  It’s SL, it happens sometimes. 

110 of 365: Imagine plus Art Land

This was a very cool art sim to explore.  With larger than life art sculptures on display, it was a real pleasure to grab the floatie at the landing point and float around this water covered land. 

From what I have read over at New World Notes, Imagine plus Art Land will be no more as of April 2nd, so go visit it now while there is still time.