A brief hiatus

After a brief and unexpected hiatus from SL, I’m back.  I thought I would stay away for a little while longer because I haven’t been feeling very social, but I exchanged some emails with a few SL peeps this week and it actually made me feel better, so here I am.

My dear sweet friend and colleague, Lysa, was killed in a tragic accident last week while she was on vacation.  As I type this, her birthday balloons that we surprised her with two weeks ago are still taped up and floating above her desk.  She turned 30 years old.  I suppose HR will be clearing her desk soon to send her belongings to her family.  Selfishly, I want to keep her stuff there for a little while longer because I think that looking at her desk with all her stuff will hurt less than looking at an empty desk that used to be hers.  Every now and then throughout the day, I glance up at the Happy Birthday balloon hovering above my cubicle and I expect to see her thick black curls peaking over the half wall that separates my desk and hers.  I cried for her family, who lost their beautiful daughter/sister/cousin in the prime of her life.  I miss her.

My best friend and soul sister Nicole, lost her brother last week.  He was 29.  I wanted so badly to be there for her, but I just couldn’t make the trip to the west coast for the funeral.  

My great aunt Helen also passed away.  She was 92.  I will miss her, but she lived a rich and full life, and I feel at peace with her passing.

It’s hard to reconcile the tragic deaths of those who were so young and vibrant.  They still had so much to offer the world.  

Given all the news of death last week, I was quite shaken up when my husband was injured at work.  He came within seconds of being electrocuted.  It shook me to my core to think that it easily could have been my family grieving too.  A part of me feels terrible for feeling relief at that, when the families of my two friends were not so lucky.  

My 365 Photography Project…should I continue or quit?  At the rate I’m going, I will finish sometime in 2012 lol.  It’s not really a 365 project then is it?  Maybe I should rename my project because realistically, I don’t think I will be able to keep with a daily photo/blog post for a year, but I do want to continue with it in some way.

For this blog and my 365, I will do what I would do in any other life situation that brings the daily routine to a halt for awhile…let the dust settle, pick myself up, start again where I left off and keep on going.

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