96 of 365: "The Docks"

I learned something new in PhotoShop Elements tonight…jagged borders.  Pretty cool.  

I took this photo at a sim called Originalia.  This particular installation is titled “The Docks” by Scottius Polke.  The build is based on the artists real life drawings. (please correct if I’m wrong, I couldn’t stay long tonight because my laptop is overheating, so I don’t remember all the details).  It is quite mysterious and peaceful and I really enjoyed the atmosphere.  Really well done. 

I’m planning on going back tomorrow to take more photos of the other installations to post here.  


2 thoughts on “96 of 365: "The Docks"

  1. Scottius Polke

    First of all, thanks for visiting, Carrie, and compliments on a great picture. You are correct, the build is based on a drawing I did of the larger of the two dock figures. I slowly developed the rest of the build around it, using the same illustrative style which was found in the drawing. The lighthouse behind the dock was drawn for the build a bit later in the process.


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