102 of 365: Why a 365 Photography Project?

I had a short discussion with someone last night about my 365 project and my pictures.  I’m learning more stuff about post processing my photos so naturally, I’m doing more with photo editing.  I rarely post a “raw” photo from SL anymore just because I enjoy seeing what I can do with a simple snapshot to highlight the best of a landscape, build or creation.  It was brought to my attention that some people might see this as somewhat of a misrepresentation, i.e people might be disappointed when they tp to a place I took a photo of and it doesn’t look the same as I presented it.  

Aside from adjusting my windlight and graphics settings, I don’t think I drastically change my photos a whole lot.  Enhance them, yes, change them, no.  But I guess I can understand the point made.  But also, I think maybe I have not made my intentions clear in my project…

My project is about photography in SL, learning new photo enhancing skills, and creative expression.  I started providing SLurls to the places I take my photos at because I got requests to do so.  Makes sense.  A little bit of useful information for readers is always good, and if my images make you want to explore a particular place in SL, than even better.  The only time I don’t post a location is when I take a portrait, or take photos on my parcel or some other place that is meant to be private.

The 365 Photography Project appealed to me because at this time in my life, making a commitment to do something creative feels a lot like making a commitment to go to the gym everyday.  I know it’s good for me, but family life and my career leave me with little time left over to do the things that are not absolutely necessary each day.  Unfortunately, creative expression has fallen into the “not absolutely necessary” category and I want to change that.  Committing to stick to this project and to complete it is kind of like paying my membership to the gym.  Following through might be hard sometimes and some days I may not feel like doing it, but it will pay off in the long run. 

A hundred and two days into it, and I’m feeling some benefits.  I’m excited about learning new stuff and seeing an end result to my efforts.  It makes me feel good and satisfies my desire to CREATE.  If you enjoy the photos/images I make, than that makes me feel even better and I’m happy to have you following my progress. 

Peace 🙂

Dress:  Sea Kelp Dress by Eshi Otawara
Hair:  Irena Hair available at Vita’s Boudoir
Skin:  Mima – Pale from Laqroki

4 thoughts on “102 of 365: Why a 365 Photography Project?

  1. Chestnut Rau

    Pftt….you are not advertising a product and as an artist you are not required to present an image in anyway other than what appeals to you.Your images are great and I look forward to seeing them every single day. ❤

  2. Carrie Lexington

    Thank you Chestnut.This is a good week for my project. there have been other weeks that i have hated every picture and thought of quitting. I always go back to your words of wisdom when i first started…"it's about the process, not the outcome". that always keeps me on track 🙂

  3. Robward Antwerp

    Hi Carrie… Learning of your project today set off many welcome sparks for me. First, some quick thoughts in response to people concerned your post-processing is in some way a misrepresentation. The cynical part of me finds their objection a bit odd… it seems to me that a literal representation of a virtual world is a contradiction in terms. Second,in my more detached moments I recognize an age old debate about photography – “is it art or not”. Third, my more sympathetic side humbly suggests to them; that, at its core Second Life’s very existence is a fundamentally creative act. It is the creative act that creates the ‘object’. Creative post-processing of a creative object does not change the object (nor do I believe diminishes it); it is an entwined interdependent creative act. Put another way ‘… it is the action, not the object… ‘(To paraphrase and echo Chestnut).This brings me finally to my point: Thank you! … both the quality of your work and your effort is inspiring to me. Of late I’ve been a bit creatively stuck (likely in other ways too… but I’ll spare you the gory details). Your persistence in your creative act encourages me. While I doubt I have the disciple you’ve shown; perhaps your sparks of inspiration may get me 'processing' my own creative fires.


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