120 of 365: How much is too much?

I’m into year two of blogging here.  It’s been great blogging about my thoughts and experiences in SL and making new friends in the SL blogging community.  I’ve watched my stats grow which is great because as a blogger, it’s always good to know that your voice is being heard.

I get a pretty good flow of daily traffic.  It’s not huge, but it’s steady.  Getting my blog on the feeds and the 365 Project has definitely helped.  But as much as I appreciate the increased visibility of my blog, I’m finding that I am holding myself back from sharing some things that are of a more personal nature.  That’s kind of a problem when you have a “personal blog”.

Those who have been following from the beginning, know that I have never been shy about posting personal stuff.  I don’t do it because I like to make my private life public, or because I want attention or anything like that.  I’m your classic introvert and the last thing I want is to have everyone in a room looking at me.  When deciding on posting something of a more personal nature, my deciding factor is usually “what is the value in this for the reader? does it have meaning?”  If I can’t come up with a good answer to that, then I won’t publish it.

Making that kind of decision seems to be getting harder and harder, and I find myself struggling with writing a post, then sitting on and not publishing it at all.  Maybe I’m afraid of being judged, I don’t know.  I don’t think that’s it.  I think a big part of it is wanting to be respectful of the people in my life (both SL and RL).  Even though I never mention specific details like names or anything like that, I still always try to keep their privacy and their feelings in mind.  

I hate to say it, but maybe this blog is no longer the place for sharing such things.   Saying that out loud makes me feel so restricted and I don’t like it at all.  

As a Social Worker by profession, I’m pretty good at coming up with creative solutions to tough problems.   But when it comes to the question of “how much is too much” to share on this blog, turning it over in my head again and again, the only thought that keeps popping up is “I just don’t know”.

Photo taken at Japan Tempura Island

2 thoughts on “120 of 365: How much is too much?

  1. Anonymous

    I struggled with this one. I felt like i was fishing for sympathy when i would get upset about things. I finally decided to share because it was more toxic to keep it in. Everything was fine til those word were turned and used against me later on. I whiped out the whole blog and really havent found the love to blog again. I do hope you find that hapy balance. I know its a bitch.

  2. Carrie Lexington

    hi thanks. i've stopped thinking about it so much for the timebeing. if it gives me that much doubt, then it's probably a good idea not to blog it. at least not now. as they say, hindsight is always 20/20


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