139 of 365: Home of Many Nations

Every time I come across a Native American themed sim in Second Life, my antennas go up because of past experiences in finding places that are filled with negative stereotypical images of Indigenous North Americans that just make me feel….yuck. 

But setting aside my skepticism, I have found some beautiful Native American themed sims that I feel capture the spirit of Indigenous spirituality, traditions and beliefs for the virtual world.

The Home of Many Nations is one such place.

From the notecard:

“This is a Native American sim. Please respect those you encounter and read through this note and any attachments that apply to you. 
First, we are not a role play sim.

You are entering a community where we have a good chat, laugh, and show honor and respect for each others ways, traditions, and for each other.

There is a mixed culture of Cherokee, Lakhota, Cree and many more Native American members as well as our Europian and non native peoples. Mitakuye Oyasin… we are all related.

If you are not Native American of origin, no problem. We want people to join who have a heart for the Native culture and want to learn more…”

I understand that there is a weekly Healing Circle with RL spiritual healers every Wednesday at 1pm SLT.  The combination of age old traditions and modern technology sounds very interesting to me.  One of these days, I will go to this Healing Circle.
I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this sim.  I love the name…Home of Many Nations…it’s so appropriate for Second Life :))


2 thoughts on “139 of 365: Home of Many Nations

  1. Anonymous

    I live on Home Of Many Nations. The sim creates a peaceful feeling in your heart. So many nice people gather there at any given time. Please come for a visit any time you so desire. Wado. *2medicine*


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