169 of 365: What’s the point?

Note:  This was supposed to be my post for yesterday, but since Blogger was down again, the post goes up today.  Also, I forgot to send my photo before I left home this morning, so I’ll add that later.


So, I have this friend who kind of gets on my nerves.  I mentioned her before in this post.  She’s the wife of my husbands best friend and sometimes business partner, and while there are some things that I do like about her, she really gets on my nerves most of the time, and she knows it.

On the other hand, she is always available when I need a babysitter at the last minute, or for example when my daughter got sick at school and I couldn’t pick her up right away, when I need help with something, or anything really.  She does have some redeeming qualities in that she is very funny and usually has some good practical parenting advice – her kids are older than mine, so I appreciate any wisdom anyone has to offer me.  She also loves my children and is like an auntie to them. 

Still, I get annoyed when she pesters me on Saturday night to go out on the town with her and I have to say “No” over and over again.  No means no, not maybe, or I’ll think about it.  So she resorts to saying things like “why, is it because you’d rather stay home and play that game, Second Life?”  

Me:  “We’re probably going to watch a movie, but yes, I will most likely log into Second Life at some point in the evening”

Her:  “I just don’t get what you like so much about that game, what’s the point of it?”

Now I won’t bore you with the rest of our conversation, but let’s just say that at this point, I don’t try to explain to her anymore what I get out of Second Life, or what the point of it is.  I figure if you are in my life and you don’t know by now, or if you can’t just accept that SL is a part of my Life, well, that’s not my problem to worry about.  So just STFU about it already. 

It still does bother me though the odd time she brings this up and I wonder why is everyone so demanding of finding THE POINT to something or anything really?

I enjoy Second Life for the same reasons anyone else would sit down in front of the television to watch a movie, or read a good book in the park on a warm sunny day and be whisked away in some magical story, or spend time in their studio making music, or working on a creative project, or perhaps going out dancing on a Saturday night with friends.  Because for just a little while, I can temporarily slow down, relax and immerse myself in something that makes me feel good, and maybe even create something beautiful.

(photo taken at Milvus, see previous post for slurl)

Why must this be reduced to a single point?

So now I’m just complaining, I know.  I also had a particularly bad week at work, today I am sore and stiff as a board from a 4 hour bike ride yesterday, and this particular little annoyance about finding “the point” is an easy target for my frustrations.  

Well, now I got it out, end of story.  I do feel a little better now. 

Thanks for listening.


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