179 of 365: I have Shadows, and Depth of Field!

I gave up hope long ago on ever getting shadows to work on my Mac, but yesterday I heard on Plurk that the latest release of the SL Development viewer resolved the problem in rendering shadows on Mac’s with ATI cards.  

I downloaded the viewer right away to see for myself, and it works!

Depth of Field never worked for me either, despite having tried several different viewers, and that works too:

I’m super excited about this and I’m going to have a lot of fun taking pics with these features.  

I haven’t actually used the SL V2 in a long time.  Last time I used the beta release I lagged bad and crashed often, and since then I have been using the Firestorm Preview Viewer which runs very smoothly on my MacBook.  I’m pleasantly surprised that the SL Development Viewer is doing even better for me, so far.  

Out of all the new features in V2 and that terrible slide out sidebar, I could probably get used to that.  The thing I hate the most is the mini-map being on the other side of my screen, and now with my Meeroos hud, I have nowhere to put the mini-map.  That kinda sucks.  I don’t know if there is any way to customize the UI like in Firestorm. 

Besides that, it’s a pretty good day.

If you have a Mac computer with an ATI card and you want shadows, you can download the SL Development Viewer here.


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