184 of 365: Good times

Yes, I have been slacking off a little bit with my 365 project this week.  But I have good reason…I’m simply enjoying SL too much to remember to take photos.  

Seriously, every evening this week my time has been filled chatting with friends, making some new ones and reconnecting with old friends who left SL and I thought would never be back.  Time flies by so quickly and when I look at the clock and realize it’s 1am and I have to wake up early to go to work the next day, I log out in a flurry and when my head hits the pillow, I realize I completely forgot about a photo for my 365 project.  

Last night was no exception.  I attended Chestnut’s 4th day rezz day celebration which was a blast.  Even though I didn’t stay very long, I was there long enough to have a few good laughs and enjoy some chit chat.  I feel so blessed to have such beautiful and creative people in my life.

The rest of my evening was spent sharing YouTube links, enjoying the comfort and solitude of being with an old friend (and my best friend in SL) who loves and accepts me just the way I am, flaws and all.  

Life is good.  Enjoy your day :))


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