187 of 365: Something that totally inspired me and fed my creative spirit

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and I spent a lovely day with my husband and children filling up at a brunch buffet and then going for a walk along the Humber River.  

As we were walking, we noticed this man gathering rocks and balancing them to make sculptures:

I heard about him before in the news and I really admire his work and dedication to his art.  If I had the time, I easily could have sat and watched him all afternoon as he delicately balanced river rocks to create his art.  And no, he does not use glue to hold the rocks together.

You can read more about his work at the link below:



“There’s a centre of gravity, an invisible spine where it will stay in place. You just have to jiggle it around until it’s standing on its own,” he said. “Over time you get a really good feel for matching rock surfaces and counter balancing.”

It got me to thinking about the beauty and transient nature of art, how some of the most beautiful art is only temporary, and this very nature makes it even more special. I thought about how much physical labour, skill and hard work is involved in creating something that looks effortless and beautiful, and makes people FEEL.

It was a good day yesterday.

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