188 of 365: The sun is setting on Lost Gardens of Apollo

2.5 years ago, on a cold grey February day, I was sitting on the subway train when I happened to pick up a magazine on the empty seat next to me.  I don’t recall the exact magazine, some kind of PC gaming one.  I leafed through the magazine because I was bored and some screenshots from a place I had never heard of called Second Life, caught my eye. 

Those screenshots were from the Lost Gardens of Apollo.

Perhaps because it was winter, I was bored and not happy with my 9 to 5 job and daily routine, I made a mental note of this Second Life place, with intentions to check it out.  The screenshots looked interesting, and it looked like a place I would rather be than in the cold and crowded city, heading to a job I was not happy with at the time.  Life felt flat and uninspired, but in those screenshots, something called out to me that felt like…possibilities.

I don’t usually get too attached to places in SL.  Everything is really only temporary especially in the virtual world, and I would like to think that when one place disappears, another new and wonderful one will make a debut.  Yes, I’m an eternal optimist, and maybe to my detriment, but oh well.  

When I heard that Lost Gardens of Apollo was closing, I felt a little sad and nostalgic because like so many people, it holds some fond memories for me.  It was where I made my very first friend in SL, Lace Jonstone, when I had impatiently left Orientation Island on my first day (because it was boring as hell) and I was wondering around lost and confused and wearing a box.  

Good times.

This morning, on this summer solstice and longest day of the year, I headed over to Apollo to get a last look around and recall fond memories of times I spent with friends in this magical place.  

Even though the sim will soon be gone, I will never forget how it was this place where my SL journey first began, 2.5 years ago, underground on a dull subway train in the middle of winter.  

2 thoughts on “188 of 365: The sun is setting on Lost Gardens of Apollo

  1. samlowry

    The lost gardens will continue to live through our memories …. We tried to make this place right for people like you and defend it against the griefers and the gamers… We succeeded in a time… Now it s summer and warm beside tha i am so sad… I will continue to spread the spirit of second life veterans: dream create and live …. But it will be harder now … My machinimas will do the job i think but i am so afraid of the cold that comes in second life. Please take care of our dream too for being warm again in winter….YoursSamlowry hawks estate manager of rip " the lost gardens of apollo"

  2. Carrie Lexington

    thanks so much for your comment. it was indeed a very special place. i saw your machinima, it is beautiful. it captures the magic and beauty of 'lost gardens of apollo". i will tell people about it so they will know what animportant part of sl history it is. xoxo


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