197 of 365: The 365 SL Photography Project that turned into the Two Year 365 SL Photography Project…or something like that

I’ll bet you all thought I gave up on my 365 project! Well, I thought I did too and I even wrote a big long post about quitting which I deleted. I don’t really want to quit, but I guess I needed a break. 
It all started with some SL drama before I went away on vacation. Then it became about crazy family drama when I went up north to visit my extended family. I love them, but they are big, loud and obnoxious and some issues came to a head and well, to put it bluntly, the shit really hit the fan.

SL drama is over, kinda, sorta. Well not really but it’s out of my hands so that’s that. Family drama, not over, but I’m back home now and far enough away that they can’t drag me into it, except for the occasional drama update via text message. There’s nothing like digital technology to support your familial dysfunction.

Anyway, I had a rough couple of weeks, or three, which has left me feeling depleted in just about every single way possible. Blogging and my 365 project? Not feeling it, so I just stopped. I thought I was going to quit but when I thought about that, it didn’t feel right.
I’m still going to keep up with my 365 project, even though this summer I will be away again for another week for my work, and there will probably be more long weekends and road trips which means more silence on the blog.  I just want to keep up with doing something creative, even though my little picture project probably seems like Kindergarden arts and crafts time compared to a lot of other artistically inclined SL folks.  But hey, it keeps me focused and busy, and out of trouble, which is a very good thing.

Maybe my unexpected hiatus is a bit of a blessing.  Stepping back and looking through my photo collection and blog posts, I realize how the act of doing a daily photo has created a space for me to let go of the daily stresses that get me down, and has given me a tool to focus my energy on something creative (no matter how small it might be).  

My 365 project has made a space in my Life that I feel I have grown to depend on and I don’t think I would have really known that until I stopped and stepped back to look at it. And even then, I know not by the collection of images and blog posts I have amassed in the last eight months…I know by the void that it leaves in my day when I don’t do it.

2 thoughts on “197 of 365: The 365 SL Photography Project that turned into the Two Year 365 SL Photography Project…or something like that

  1. Chestnut Rau

    You know I am your fan and I look forward to your posts when you do them. Keep it creative and keep it fun and you can't go wrong.Hugs help all that other stuff. ❤


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