214 of 365: Another Project 365 to keep me busy

As if my current SL 365 project isn’t enough, I have started another one for RL photos.  I don’t know what compelled me to do it, but I like taking photos in SL and over the last several weeks, I have been taking a lot of snapshots with my iPhone and it occurred to me that everything I have learned about taking photos in SL so far, has been coming in pretty handy for my RL photo album. 

So I thought why not start another 365?  It’s fun and I enjoy it, so I just did it. 

Here’s a few photos I took today from the rooftop garden where I work. 

On nice days, when it is not too hot, I spend my lunch hour up here.  I love rooftop gardens.  They’re like little gems of nature in the busy downtown core. 

I started another blog at Tumblr for my rl 365 photos because there I can upload gigantic big ass photos, and I just wanted to try a different blogging service other than Blogger.


 I kind of hate the name I chose, but all the ones I wanted were already taken. I’m still kind of miffed that when I went to go look at the url’s I wanted, they were sitting silent, and had not been updated in ages. Hrmph. If I come up with a better name and url that is available, I will post the new link here.

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