234 of 365: Home of Many Nations and the Great Plains, 1850’s in Second Life

So this evening I attended my first ever Native American Pow Wow in Second Life.  This was by far the coolest thing I have ever seen in SL so far.  Of course, my opinion may be a little biased ;p ( I am mixed Native American/French Canadian)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am very critical of any kind of Native American roleplay in-world not because I am against it altogether, it’s just that I have seen a lot of Native American themed roleplay sims that are…just wrong, and offensive to not only Native Americans, but women and humanity in general…

…but I’m not here to rant about that.  

I’m here to share a very cool cultural event in the virtual world that I think would be a nice experience for a lot of people, if you are interested in such things.  I know it’s really lame to blog about events after the fact, but I only heard about the event when I logged on today.  

The Pow Wow was held in celebration of the new connection between the Home of Many Nations and the Great Plains 1850’s Roleplay sim.  I blogged before about the Home of Many Nations here.  It is not a roleplay sim, however if roleplay is your thing, the Great Plains 1850’s roleplay sim is now right next door.  I don’t know if another celebration like this will take place again soon, but I will keep my eyes open for notices. 

Still, if you are interested, these are two place that I think are worth exploring because they capture the spirit of Indigenous North American values such as spirituality, community, respect and inclusivity.  Anyone, regardless of race, who has an open mind and heart is welcomed.  

Peace 🙂

One thought on “234 of 365: Home of Many Nations and the Great Plains, 1850’s in Second Life

  1. metamoon

    I love reading about Home of Many Nations. It is a beautiful place and very different from the other SL regions. This place has a true community and is really dedicated to spreading love, truth and hope.


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