235 of 365: Not today

I thought I was going to blog something different today, something political about how I see the world and the events of 9/11.  I never want to go about saying what I want to say in an insensitive way, so I thought I had the words all worked out in my head…

But then I had a heart to heart with a friend in SL today, someone close to me who’s work and life was directly impacted by the events on that day.  As we talked, I felt my gut grow heavy with collective grief.  There are some things you think you know, but it is only an intellectual understanding.  And then someone says something to you that takes your ‘knowing’ to a completely different level.  I could feel it in my bones, in my gut and in my heart.   

I still stand by my convictions, but today is not the day for me to get political about this.  

I send love and light too everyone who is working towards making our world a better place.  


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