237 of 365: Glow baby glow!

I was lucky to get into Roo yesterday on the first try.  It was packed with people picking up the newly released Pet-O-matic.  Regardless of the ethics that some think of this auto petter, I love mine and the design is very cute.  I also think it’s genius that with every product release, World of Meeroos posts a storyline on their blog about it.  It’s really engaging and keeps people on their toes for what is to come next.  I am hooked! 

I currently have my Pet-O-matic set to pet my meeroos every hour.  I won’t leave it like that because I’m not in any kind of race or competition to build up regard, I just want to see if I notice any differences with them being petted more frequently.  I have noticed that since setting it up yesterday, they have dug up a few new treasures.  Maybe that’s just a coincidence though. 

I was going to pick one up for a friend tonight, but due to some minor technical issues, it is currently not available.  According to the World of Meeroos blog, it will be available again as soon as possible.  The Pet-O-Matic itself is free.  What you do have to purchase is the battery which is available in a few different prices.  All of which last for 7 days depending on how often you choose to have your meeroos petted.  It’s a really cool little contraption.

I’m trying to keep the Meeroos posts to once a week, for those of you not interested in the little weedrats.  I make no promises though ;p

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