240 of 365: I’m so discouraged

If I haven’t said it here before, I’ll say it now – I have huge respect for builders in SL who can create amazing and beautiful works of art by piecing together simple prims. 

Sadly, I am not one of those people.  

I have grand and lofty ideas of things I want to create, but my skill is so lacking that when I make an effort to try to learn something new, I just get so discouraged and disappointed in myself that I end up giving up on it all together.  My expectations exceed my abilities and it is very frustrating.  Maybe I am getting too ahead of myself.

I downloaded Blender tonight, a free, open source 3D content creation program, and I was determined that I was going to learn something about creating sculpted prims.  Did I learn anything?  No.  I stared at my screen for a few minutes, fiddled around with a few things, closed it and went back to petting meeroos.  I love my little furry friends, but I want more for my SLife! 


There’s got to be an easier way for someone like me to learn how to make sculpted prims…anyone?

Please let me know if you have any resources that could help me. 

In the meantime, I’ll be petting meeroos and feeling just a little bit sorry for myself.  Sniffle, sniffle 😦

5 thoughts on “240 of 365: I’m so discouraged

  1. Anonymous

    Learning by staring at a open software screen generally doesn't work for me either. If you want to use Blender for sculpties, go to Machinimatrix.org where there are easy to follow blender tutorials, and scripts that you can download to use for creating and exporting sculpties. Although, I would personally remove the sculpty barrier and go straight to mesh creation. no need for sculpty converters, no need for special scripts inworld to assemble your creations, no need to follow certain rules like not altering your geometry, or wasting polygons because you can't delete them from the parts that won't be seen, no grey blobs in SL while your sculpt map downloads. There are tons of places to go for blender tutorials, and tut's related to exporting your object for SL. Try the official SL forums, youtube, and sites like blendercookie, blenderguru, blendernerd and blenderartists forums. Also you can join the SL group Blender to ask questions there, they are generally a helpful bunch.Sidd M

  2. Mayala Loon

    I have been in the same situation … lots of ideas, but trying to make them become real can be so frustrating … especially as I do not really have the time to train working with blender or similar software … and you'll need lots of time. I still give it a try now and then and found great help with the machinimatrix tutorials for blenderhttp://blog.machinimatrix.org/3d-creation/video-tutorials/I'm planning to try mesh stuff too, it looks so amazing and gives more possibilities, but as most viewers don't support it yet and the results can not be seen by everyone, I'll stick to sculpties for a while.Wishing you all the best for your building experiments ;-)*hugs*

  3. sororNishi

    I can help. I've made easy to follow Blender tutorials which just cherry-pick the simple ways of doing stuff. They are on my website under 'Textures'. My site is http://sorornishi.is.I think you will need to know some Blender before tackling mesh, mesh is not an easy option, and it's more expensive.I didn't find Machinimatrix that easy, personally, but then I started Blender before there were any tutorials and just clicked my way to a sort of working method.My advice is to assemble a library of very simple Blendered sculpties first that you will need for later combinations. Don't try anything too difficult at first. A mushroom is a good first goal.

  4. Carrie Lexington

    thanks so much for the suggestions. i have made note of all the recommendations. i was trying to make a turtle shell which maybe is a little too detailed for a beginner like me. a mushroom sounds more attainable, i will try that.i've been collecting some sculptie packages from the marketplace and piecing those together, but then to texture it the way i want…that's a whole other thing i don't know how to do. wah!but i'm stubborn enough to persevere. the real challenge for me is creating good chunks of time to sit down with my laptop and learn.thank you for the encouragement! :))

  5. Anonymous

    It is terribly frustrating when you don't know how to get your thought from mind onto paper (or in this case online). I personally love Blender, but it isn't an easy tool to learn by any means. You aren't just learning how to use it, you are learning how meshes are made! Search on Youtube for examples of how people create different examples. Go to Blender Cookie (http://cgcookie.com/blender/) and watch a few videos that interest you. Play around with Blender, save it, and keep going. Frustration is expected, just ignore it and remember, everyone sucks when they start 3D modeling. It's an art yes, but it takes a lot of time and patience to understand it well. This is the main reason why Linden Labs decided upon their Prim system. As for your turtle shell, it might help if you start out with a UV Sphere with maybe 12 segments and rings. Select the bottom half of the sphere and delete it. From there you can (s)cale it down to flatten it. (Remember you can use the letters x,y, and z to perform an action along an axis. You may also use the scroll button on your mouse.)You are most of the way to having a turtle shell at this point. You can then use face select to (e)xtrude some tiles along the top if you wish. I'm not very good myself, but I hope this will provide you with a helpful start.


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