249 of 365: Burn2 is right around the corner

I’ve been looking forward to press day at the Burn2 grounds all week.  I had a such a good time last year, and this year I couldn’t wait to get in there ahead of time to take some pics…

I’m a big fan of Mikati Slade and her work.  She definitely has a unique style that is all her own, and to top it off, she is a real sweetheart too.  

The build pictured above is called “Popscape”.  From the notecard:

“Once in a while, an important event or realization happens that changes us forever. This change often comes with mixed feelings – fear and hope, loss and opportunity. This artwork tries to capture these feelings. The skulls is our fear for the future, our loss of the past. The hearts is our hope and excitement for the future, our optimism that all will go well, our love for ourselves. The bows blessedly tie all together. Overall, this work tries to communicate a natural and dynamic optimism about the future of people in times of change.” – Mikati Slade

Not far down the dirt road I found Claudia222Jewell’s build, “The Sacrifice”.  A stunningly, beautiful and detailed build about rites of passage, sacrifice and transformation.  

I don’t have SLurls right now.  I wasn’t sure if I should collect them since the event doesn’t actually start until Saturday, October 1st.  But it’s only 2 days away, and you can be sure that I will be taking more photos to post and I will have SLurl’s then.  

A few more images from the upcoming Burn2:

“Skelly Mer” by Maya Paris

I didn’t this artist’s information, but I will be going to take more snapshots and find more information.

Burn2 opens this Saturday, October 1st at 12pm SLT.  Further details can be found at the Burn2 blog.  

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