Burn2: "Mintaka" and "Rebirth"

It is kind of a busy week for me.  Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, and I am off work for a few days visiting the family before the long weekend.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to blog more about Burn2 this week because when I am with the family, they make plans for me that cover practically every minute of the day.  But I was able to sneak away long enough to find two really great builds at Burn2 that caught my eye to share here.

The first one is called “Mintaka” by Starlash Sweetwater:

You can sit on the floating pages and be whisked away in the story of “Mintaka’s Wish”.  I always love builds that you can interact with and become a part of. 

Don’t forget to pick up the notecard so you can read this short and inspirational story.   

The next build that caught my eye was “Rebirth” by Anya Ibor.

A small sample from the Artist’s Thesis (be sure to grab the notecard to read the full thesis)…

“From fire we can be reborn…changed…evolved to a higher plane of consciousness…

This can happen by choice—or by chance…

By chance, we might be thrown involuntarily into chaos, fiery horror, terror…

Do we rise to the surface, reborn of fire to ascend higher as humans? Or do we stay in the fire, endlessly burning and suffering? It is up to each individual to choose: Rebirth into a new life of higher consciousness, or stay swirling in chaos.”  

I intend on sneaking away from the family a little more so I can share some more interesting art builds to share.  Maybe I’ll see you on the playa 🙂

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