Meeroos Boom or Bust?

I don’t even want to say it out loud but…I’m getting fed up with my meeroos.  

They are an expensive hobby and I’m starting to resent the prims they are taking up on my parcel.  I still really like them and think they are very cute, it’s just that every time I have to dish out another $1600L’s for food, I cringe a little.  I would be happy if I could sell enough nests to pay for the food.  The berries last a long time, but when I have to buy 3 or 4 of them within a few days, it kind of hurts my pixel wallet.

Things change so fast in Meeroo land.  It wasn’t that long ago that I sold a tiger ears nest (and it was a common winecoat) for $3000L’s.  The other night, I sold a tiger ears/highland coat for $750.  I’m okay with that, just saying how fast things change.

Not that I have ever been in it to get rich.  Like I said before, I would be happy to make a little $L’s to pay for the food, and/or rent a little plot to keep them (which leads me down the path of the cost to rent land with enough prims in SL, but that’s a whole other issue…or is it?)

Roaming around last night, I felt so discouraged seeing the price tags for some of these nests.  $25,000L’s?  I’ve seen prices as high as $75,000L’s.  I saw another on a bidboard with a whopping opening bid of $30,000L’s.  I love the little creatures too, but some of these prices are so outrageous with a capital O it makes it so out of my reach and therefore, undesirable.  I’m not about to dish out that amount of money for a pixel pet, not matter how cute it might be.

I don’t know.  I’m big on supporting the breeders market, I bought all my first meeroos from the breeders and not Malevay Studios.  I don’t want to knock the market, but when I see some of these asking prices I have to wonder, is making a buck really all this is about?  Nothing wrong with making some cash, but to me the meeroos are more than that.  I see the main appeal being about meeting people, bartering, cooperating, networking…isn’t it?

Speaking of which, I have a hard time believing that the release of Sim Pets is going to be the “huge competitive threat to breedables in SL” as Hamlet Au suggests.  We have Sims Pets at home, I’ve played it and I think it’s boring.  Without the interaction for trading and selling with other people, I just don’t get the appeal.  Yawn.

My sense is that if anything is going to hurt Meeroos and breedables in SL, it will be the ridiculously high price tags attached to some of these nests from the breeders themselves. Does anyone buy these nests?

If it is going to cost me that much money to fill up my Tome, I’ll pass and leave the meeroos altogether, like several people I have talked to recently.

That kind of game is just too rich for my blood. 

6 thoughts on “Meeroos Boom or Bust?

  1. Emerald Wynn

    Funny, I was just looking around Meeroos markets the other day and feeling blah about it. I think the market is also tough because they're not as customizable as, say, KittyCatS – for instance, I love cats with Fire eyes so I can turn that into a buyer/breeder quest for various pelts with Fire eyes. I know a girl who is a Silver Tabby junkie and I know she's always up for buying a striking Silver Tabby. But I can't get as revved up over Meeroos traits. I'm not sure why. Plus, Meeroos breeding for me is still a toss-up. I splurged on an Azure, a Nile and an Emperor – all high regard – the other day, but they still throw Winecoats. I can't seem to crack the breeding code. It gets frustrating. I've been with Meeroos since Beta and have yet to breed anything exciting. I need a glimmer of hope occasionally!I agree with you on the Sims pets point. I love Hamlet, but I couldn't see his point on that particular subject. *throws my old Tamagotchi at him* It's true that part of the fun is interacting with other breeders/sellers. You can't get that with the Sims. (At least not yet.)

  2. ladysakai

    Interesting post :)Reading it and also Ems post something struck me … ok ok I might be a bit late but I get there in the end ;)Now try this little experiment. Replace the word "Merroo" with the word "Second Life" … see it ?Now if you havent let me tell you what my brain formed while reading.Second Life is a wonderfull interesting alluring place, when I started it was hard to stay away. Always something new something exciting .. you know the feeling 🙂 Now that was back in 206, way before the economy stuff in our physical realm. When that hit it took a bit before it really hit SL. but even before things had started to change in SL …. Money … yeap I said the five letter word … Money … Brig that into the equation ..well ok let me correct that: Bring *to much* of it into the equation and thing start to become … bleak, SL started to become work. As you said, Carrie, we wanna have land, regions to build, be creativ but to be creativ in SL you need … PRIMS … yea see how it all ties together? (well in my mind it does 😉 ) Same with the Merroo its no difference … bring to much of the money factor into it and thing start to loose their shine. It become to much like the Physical Life we (sometimes?) wanna "escape"Im hppy to be in SL but not full time anymore it lost its luster, tainted with to much money. Ive moved on and Im happy with my choice cos it gives me back the creativ feeling, the fun, the luster of a virtual world and may I just say …. Yay \o/Respectfully Lady SakaiSecond Life Born InWorldz ResidentInhabitnat of Virtuality

  3. Carrie Lexington

    yeah I agree Emerald. the Meeroos puzzle is challenging, but it's also the cost. for the amount of $ i dish out and the time i invest, getting a winecoat back is disappointing. by the time i get what i think are good nests, the market has moved on so quickly that the nests become duds – noone wants them.LadySakai – yes, i was aware of those parallels when i was wrote the post. thank you for your comment 🙂

  4. Renoobed

    Hi! Long time reader first time poster ;PHave you thought about Papillon Butterflies? I get all the same fun of breeding for traits, auctions, an adventure game hud but they are only 8 prims each. The start up cost is pretty reasonable and I haven't had to buy food or accessories for them in some time as I convert the offspring I don't want or need into rewards points and get my food that way.You won't make the "big" money you do with meeros but there isn't nearly the same cost investment either so it sort of balances out.


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