Empty Nest

Well, now that ‘those who shall not be named’ have flown the nest and are off enjoying their hard earned freedom, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.  

Yes, I celebrated their departure.  I couldn’t wait to be rid of the annoying little buggers, but now that they are gone I can’t help but feel a little lonely…

I log on to empty stumps and it’s just so lonely now without them.  I miss the annoying chirping sounds they used to greet me with. 

I need a hobby.  Some have suggested breedable plants, butterflies…maybe I need a support group.  A pet might keep me occupied…wait, that’s how I ended up here to begin with.  Nevermind.


I knew this day was coming, but noone told me it would be like this.  My skybox is so empty and lifeless, and resonating with silence…

…and what the heck am I going to do with all these extra prims?

(I promise this will be the last I blog about ‘them’.  I just couldn’t resist the final empty nest syndrome post. haha)

2 thoughts on “Empty Nest

  1. Kara Trapdoor

    LOL I just had to giggle out loud a little, as I recently released my formerly beloved gone sort of sour "Those Who Shall Not Be Named" as well. I have been following your experiences which have pretty much been on the same track as my own. I do miss the little buggars a bit, but less than I imagined, but it was getting old paying for the food and nothing else really exciting happening with them. I do have numerous nests in inventory in case I ever get the need to breed again, but I think they are stored right next to the horse baby bales in "The Abyss" which is my inventory. They deserved their freedom. I'm not exactly sure what happened to a few of them, (at least I don't want to think about it) as the berries did run out before I er um gave them their freedom. I promptly covered the area with snow and decorated for Christmas which made me feel much happier about the whole situation.

  2. Carrie Lexington

    lol thanks Kara. I couldn't resist the 'empty nest syndrome' post meeroos blog. not sure if I will try another breedable again, but I haven't completely vetoed that possibility. i missed the meeroos for a day or two and then i was relieved!


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