And now time for you weather forecast

Today you can expect grey skies, overcast with a heavy chance of precipitation later on in the afternoon.  Expect the unexpected, perhaps being trapped in an elevator playing top 40 radio first thing at the office, and a 99% chance of sad news via email quickly thereafter.  You might see some sun peek through the ominous clouds if you have lunch with friends, however, be prepared for dark, threatening rainstorm clouds when sitting in cubicle alone.

In the afternoon, you’ll see a chance of thunderstorms due to looming unpaid home renovation loan, unexpected car repairs, and work deadlines.  By evening, a dark chill will fill the air and if you forgot to turn your thermostat up this morning, be prepared for a cold evening indoors.  Overnight, turning colder.  Don’t be startled by that howling north wind at your window.  High likelihood of unresolved misunderstandings with significant other remaining unresolved, leading to another dismal day tomorrow.  Your weekend forecast: bleak, dark and foreboding…

Recommended plan of action: dress appropriately, take all prescribed medications, nutritional supplements, get plenty of rest and for God’s sake, spare the world from your misery and stay the hell off of Twitter! 

Damn I’m cranky. I’m taking shelter from this stormy weather by parking myself on my sofa watching sappy romance movies all night long.

Where’s my positive thinking? I think I lost it.

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