A system clean up and SL Bloggers is alive!

I decided yesterday that I am going to blog more often, for no particular reason.  So let’s get started…

I mentioned here yesterday that we (this really means my husband/computer geek on demand) did a tune up on my machine.  The diagnosis – 1428 issues affecting system performance.  Situation critical.  Oh lord.  It’s cleaned up and my SLife is running smoother.  It’s not an astronomical difference, but it’s enough to get me out and exploring more again.  Goodbye Farmville.  

Anyway, I’m happy about that.  

Another thing I’m happy about this morning is that the SL Bloggers inworld group is alive again!  By the time I came along and started blogging the group wasn’t all that active anymore, but from what I heard of the glory days of the SL blogging community, it was a fun group.  I’m looking forward to seeing what might come of this.

Girl Wonder, Tymmerie Thorne is organizing things and she has even started setting up a clubhouse.  Love!

If you’re an active blogger about SL and are not already in the group, look it up inworld and you can request to join. 

So that’s great news! 

In other news, I’m looking around at different blogging platforms, checking out theme layouts and making room on my blog for the logo above.  And now that I’m over the shock of Picnik closing, I’m gonna look around for some other online photo editing tools.  More on that later. 

Enjoy your day 🙂

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