A few images of "Under the Sky" by Yooma Mayo

I’ve been pushing my newly “tuned up and optimized for gaming” little Macbook to the brink to take high quality screenshots.  I hope it doesn’t just give up and die on me.  My apologies if I am on your contacts list inworld…for my crashing and/or relogging every five minutes.  When that happens, you’ll know it is because I am taking pictures.

My explorations last night took me to the Art Screamers sim in the LEA regions.  I was not familiar with Yooma Mayo until recently, and I was quite impressed with this very large installation.  It’s impressive, and very beautiful, even for a someone like me who has an unreasonable fear of insects and crawling creatures

Okay, my fear is not unreasonable.  Maybe one day I will tell you about the time in Costa Rica  when I took a shower and when I was done I discovered a huge tarantula in the corner of the shower…she was there the whole time!  Eeep!  My skin crawls just thinking about it.  But I was okay roaming Art Screamers amongst the very large insects.

Again, todays images are brought to you straight from SL, no post processing, not even cropping.  I say that not to be at all boastful, but because I am still exploring the easily accessible photo taking features in the Exodus viewer.  I understand that most of, or all those features are available in the official SL viewer via the debug menu, but that is not so user friendly.  What a difference it makes to have those options available through the graphics preferences.

As I was working on these photos, and tweaking the settings, I thought for a minute I could easily say good bye to Picnik and PhotoShop and do all my image making right in Second Life…that is of course, if I had a different system that could handle the high graphics.

My system may bot be the best, but at least, I’m back to exploring instead of hanging out on my skyplatform or pointing my camera to the floor just so I can type, so I’m not complaining. 

I really do love making images from Second Life to share here, so I’m happy to have some new options to play with to do that.


2 thoughts on “A few images of "Under the Sky" by Yooma Mayo

  1. Carrie Lexington

    Thank you! I really like Exodus and I hope it runs well for you on your system. Just taking photos causes me to crash as soon as I hit the snapshot button. It's that last step! Good luck!


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