Random thoughts while sipping coffee

I was checking out my Google Reader this morning and I happened to notice that my little blog has 68 subscribers.  How did I miss that before?  That number certainly doesn’t shoot me out of the stratosphere as a blogging superstar, but that’s 68 more readers than I ever thought I would have!  I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!

I’ve never been interested in getting hundreds and hundreds of page views, or racking up followers for social media ‘points’.  I would be a lie if I said I didn’t care about blog stats and page views.  I care about stats.  I care because as a blogger, it’s good to see some evidence that people are reading.  
I blog because I want to connect with others and because I want to be heard. 

I’m trying a new blogging approach.  I tend to write longer posts less frequently, but I kind of miss the habit of blogging a bit every day when I was doing my 365 Project.  I don’t want to commit to another project like that right now, but blogging more often, and randomly is kinda nice.  Plus, anything that gets me writing more is surely a good thing.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever run out of things to say here…

Well, if that ever happened, photo blogs are always popular.

My virtual home in Piper Point

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