A new destination called "Hazardous"

I suppose it’s because I live downtown in a large, noisy city, that I am always searching for quiet, peaceful places in Second Life to explore.  I’m particularly fond of minimalist sims with sparse landscapes, and soft music.

“Hazardous” is a new sim brought to you by SL resident, Wendy Xeno who is the creator of the other well known SL destination, HuMaNoiD.  I searched this blog for a link, as I was sure I blogged HuMaNoiD before, but came up with nothing.  Well, that gives me another destination to take pretty pictures of and share here.

If you are familiar with HuMaNoiD, arriving at Hazardous you will immediately recognize Wendy’s unique style.  She has a special talent for putting together elements that make Hazardous not only a destination, but also a real ‘experience’.

There are recommended region windlight and water settings to use, but you know me, I had to try them all before going back to the recommended settings.  After cycling through almost all my presets, the recommended ones really do look best. 

There are some places up in the sky on floating islands to explore, some pretty scenery, some of it kind of dark, and also romantic spots to cuddle with your loved one.  I think I also saw some couples dance and cuddle poses down below too.  

I missed it the first time I tp’d , but there are some balloons just outside the landing point that you can use to float around the sim if you feel like it.  I tried getting a picture with the balloon, but it’s kind of hard hopping on the balloon, steering it, cranking up my graphics to ultra and taking a snapshot of a moving object.  Well, it’s not so hard, but on a lazy Sunday morning, I’d rather just float around the sim and sip a latte rather than fuss around with my settings. 

I had a lovely time exploring Hazardous, and I hope you will too!  Now, I must get back to my loud, dense and busy city lifestyle…have fun 🙂


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