A politically correct celebration of Love

I read a “disclaimer” like this in a magazine yesterday and have shamelessly ripped it off and expanded on it to make it Second Life appropriate…

Please accept, under no obligation, this not-intended-to-be sexually harassing, politically correct, gender neutral, avatar species sensitive, socially responsible, environmentally conscious token of my like, love, lust of friendship/partnership as defined in the religious, cultural or socially acceptable persuasion of your choice.

This gesture in no way guarantees the success of aforementioned friendship/relationship/partnership or whatever the hell you wanna call it, for any given length of time.

The sender reserves the right to make amendments to this disclaimer when deemed necessary and appropriate.  The sender also reserves the right to claim that it was all just a “SL relationship” for entertainment purposes only when sender gets bored, or finds someone else who has a way hotter avatar to partner with.

*Please note that this disclaimer is deemed null and void should any parties involved are revealed to be portraying an avatar of the opposite gender under false pretenses.

Now that we got that out of the way…

“Will you be my Second Life Valentine?”

(waits while lawyers consult and negotiate…)


Wishing you all an enjoyable, politically neutral, non gender biased, non-denominational, and not just for romantic love Happy..um…uh…Happy Heart Day!  

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