A little break from exploring SL art to explore some RL street art

I think what I love most about graffiti is that it’s not supposed to be there.  The nature of graffiti art is that it is out of place, which is part of the appeal.  In my city, and in most other places in the world, graffiti is illegal and basically a form of vandalism.  Creative expression via spray paint on public walls is a defiant act, which I think results in some very beautiful and unexpected street art.  

Funny, because I have lived here in Toronto for 15 years and have never really viewed graffiti as a form of art.  I’ve seen it, passed by it and thought “wow that’s cool” and never really gave any further thought to the question of “is this form of creative expression, art?”

I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do appreciate how the various art and murals contribute to the culture of the city and beautify the neighbourhood. 

This wall mural brought to mind Claudia222 Jewell and her current art installation in Second Life, “Spirit”.  I guess it’s the style of the plants and flowers that I find reminiscent of it: 

Yesterday, with my children in tow, we explored Kensington Market in search of graffiti and wall murals.  Kensington is a pretty popular downtown neighbourhood.  It’s very bohemian and hippyish, and is ripe with graffiti everywhere you turn.  I think it’s safe to assume that the Kensington community expects the graffiti to show up and even welcomes it.

I’ve been having fun with taking photos with my iphone and sharing them on Instagr.am.  I have a lot more of my graffiti pics up over there.  If you’re on Instagr.am and want to follow me, my username is ‘callmeSheBear’.

I like dark and skully things, so this Grim Weeper of Kensington, that we found on the side of a produce shop, is a favourite.  Not that they aren’t all cool and beautiful in their own ways…

We just barely scratched the surface of street art to be found in Kensington Market.  When the weather is warmer, I plan on going back to take more shots.
As we were hunting out the laneways and alleys downtown, I was thinking about the transitory and fleeting nature of graffiti art.  As “tough” as this art genre is, it is also vulnerable.  It could get tagged, defaced, or covered over by the city at any time. 

Just like 3D digital art in the virtual world, it is transient and fleeting, and could disappear at any time.  The nature of it, frustrating as it is, is part of it’s appeal and makes me appreciate it’s beauty even more.  

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