"Le Cactus" by Maya Paris

Weeks ago I visited Le Cactus by Maya Paris and have been meaning to blog it ever since.  My screenshots got lost in the jumbled pile of files that are piling up on my desktop.  I finally cleaned up today and found them.

Le Cactus is a fun, interactive exhibited celebrating the talents of Josephine Baker, who left her home of St. Louis, Missouri and found fame as a legendary singer, dancer and actress in France.  

When you arrive at the landing point, there are several free avatars you can pick up, all original and fun creations by Maya.  You can mix and match the pieces if you want, or just wear the invisible layer to make your avatar disappear.   

You can click on almost everything here, so if you are like me and are “click happy”, you’ll love exploring and interacting with the exhibit.

Check out Maya’s blog for more information and some helpful tips that will ensure you enjoy this experience to it’s fullest.

Direct link here to visit Le Cactus by Maya Paris

Also, check out this fun machinima of Le Cactus by Lori Landay/L1Aura Loire:

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