The Unfinished World of Cherry Manga and Artistide Despres

I received a group notice today with minimal information about a new art installation on LEA 22, a collaboration by Cherry Manga and Artistide Despres.  Actually, I received two notices…one stating that it opened today, March 13th and did not specify a closing date, and the other notecard stated that the installation was open for viewing for only two days until March 15th.  

Maybe I misunderstood, but in any case, you should head over to LEA 22 and check it out – it may or may not be only open until March 15th (if anyone knows, let me know).

From the notecard I received, I was directed to use Torley Linden’s SUNRISE-Defenderz 1 setting, set water toGlassy, turn off the media stream and to turn up Sound Effects in Preferences to maximum.  

The build looks dark and gritty, however you will find elements of beauty throughout.

I have only three images today.  I was tinkering with my debug settings last week and ever since, I am crashing every time I hit ‘snapshot’.  That’ll teach me not to tinker with things too much.

From the notecard:

“The Unfinished World Of Cherry Manga and Artistide Despres

LEA 22 
Opening:  Tuesday 13 March at 1 PM SLT  (21:00h Paris)

Some time ago i invited Cherry to start a collaborated build, a sim based on ‘Exquisite Corpse’ that would suit our commun vision of the world. We both have an intense RL and had not so much time to meet, so we decided to build in alternance, by continuing each other’s pieces on a complementary base.

Today i heard that we have 2 days left to finish, show and derezz…
That is fine !
SL is the place of environmental fluidity (if i may quote Georg Janick the founder of Caerleon Islands).
This world, as the world we are living in, will never look finished.


‘/*Windlight Sky: ” [TOR] SUNRISE – Defenderz 1″*/’
‘/*Windlight Water Setting: “Glassy”*/’
Do not use the music stream or media!
Put ‘Sound Effects’ to the maximum volume!”


2 thoughts on “The Unfinished World of Cherry Manga and Artistide Despres

  1. Carrie Lexington

    The group I received this notice from was the Nordan Om Jorden group. The group was for the Nordan Om Jorden Art Gallery events and is no longer in SL, but I still receive notices for various art events around the grid once in awhile.


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