The little Macbook that could and "Magic Frogs" by Romy Nayar

System issues continue to plague me.  Last time I thought it was because I had tinkered with the debug settings too much that was causing me to crash the second I hit ‘snapshot’.  To solve that, I uninstalled and reinstalled the SL viewer.  If you are on my friends list, you can guess that this did not work.  I’m crashing with every snapshot.  Annoying, I know.  Sorry!
It’s weird.  For general wandering around, exploring and even attending high traffic events, my Macbook has been holding up pretty good lately.  But taking high res pics is not working out.  I’ll never understand the mysteries of modern day technology.  One day everything is working fine, and the next it seems nothing works.  I think this old machine of mine has a mind of it’s own.
Anyway, I’m stubborn enough to keep on trying…

I received a group notice yesterday (MetaLES…O… inworld group) with news of a new art installation by Romy Nayar called “Magic Frogs”.  It is currently on display at Anita’s Artspace owned by Anita Witt.  It’s not a huge installation like some of the others I have blogged recently, but it is charming and fabulous none the less.
When you arrive, click on the either the Magic Frogs poster or the frog.  You will be given a notecard with a story about the magical frogs.

I love art in SL that I can interact with and become a part of, and this build gives you plenty of opportunities to do that. 

If you are familiar with Romy’s work, you will recognize her unique style that makes her work so memorable. 

I didn’t find any timeline information for how long Magic Frogs will be available for viewing.  But the official opening was just yesterday, so I’m guessing it will be around for awhile – certainly long enough for you to get there and check it out for yourself. Have fun 🙂

2 thoughts on “The little Macbook that could and "Magic Frogs" by Romy Nayar

  1. Emerald Wynn

    OOF – welcome to my world. And my MacBook Pro screams in protest when I even try to enable shadows and shaders in my graphics preferences. At least your pictures are still FABULOUS though!Thanks for the heads up on the exhibit! I'm gonna go check it out!


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