A wilderness experience in Misty Mountains

I have some images today of a great destination to explore…however, I have been vacillating between expressing my opinion of the new Wildnerness Adventure areas that are accessible to Premium Members only, or not saying anything about it at all.

Okay, let’s just spit it out…I visited the new Wildnerness sims and I was not terribly impressed. I don’t know, it was alright but I didn’t find it to be anything spectacular or have that wow factor that makes me want to stay and explore a place. I’ve seen wilderness themed sims in SL that are far more impressive.  But it is a sign that Linden Lab is making efforts to improve, right?

 I did a quick tour of the Premium Member areas, and my initial impression was that it was alright but it wouldn’t really compel me to upgrade my SL membership to Premium. I had the thought that if these new Wilderness Adventure places were welcome areas for new residents instead, it would have a greater impact. Those were just my initial thoughts. 

FYI, I just renewed my Premium Membership last month, so I have no agenda to persuade anyone against it.  If you are already Premium, go check it out for yourself.  If you’re not, I don’t think these exclusive new regions are reason enough to upgrade. 

Anyway, speaking of wilderness…

Misty Mountains is a SL destination that I really enjoy and if you are looking for a different kind of wilderness experience, you should go check it out.  It is one of eleven sims in the Calas Galadhon Nature Parks.  It’s been around for ages it seems, yet there are always new things being added and small changes made here and there. 

There are nature trails to explore, wildlife to be discovered and cozy spots to cuddle up with your special someone. 

The audio stream is lovely and relaxing, but I suggest turning it off or at least turning it down, and cranking up your ambient sounds.  It’s evident that the creators of this sim have put a lot of care and effort into recreating the natural world in SL.  The nature sounds add depth to your experience here. 

There is ample opportunity for pretty screenshots.  I took a lot of pics and had a hard time on deciding which ones to use for this post.

I love bears…

Misty Mountains is a place that I like to visit from time to time.  I’ve been to Gulf of Lune, also a part of Calas Galadhon, however I have not explored the rest.  There are nine more nature parks to explore here and I expect that every single one of them is just as peaceful and beautiful as the Misty Mountains. 


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