A gothic interpration of Venice, Italy in Second Life – Venexia

I love blue skies, but it is boring photography weather.  Luckily in Second Life with the windlight settings at my fingertips, I never have the problem of bad photography weather.  It’s funny that I never really noticed until my sister pointed it out to me last night, that almost all my SL images have gloomy, ominous looking cloudy skies.  She’s absolutely right. I think those skies add drama and make things look more interesting.  But perhaps I will try some new windlight settings in the future, just to changes things up a bit.

So last night I came across a really cool role play sim that I really enjoyed exploring.  I’ve never role played in Second Life, but I have found that many role play sims are generally very interesting places as they are so carefully crafted with lots of details.

This is definitely true with Venexia.

Venexia is a virtual city in Second Life that is a gothic interpration of Venice, Italy.  It is tailored to Vampire role play.  Based on the info I found at the landing point, the Vampire Clan based story lines are very detailed and complexed.

You will need a visitor’s tag to get access to the city, which can be picked up at the landing point.  It is good for three days and you will need to wear your tag in order to use the teleporter.

Once you have your tag on, follow the red foot prints to teleport down to the city.

I was really impressed by the details in the buildings and the canals – all created by Baal Zobel and Kara Zenovka.  From a quick Google search, I found that they were also responsible for some other impressive role play sims – NOMOS and Golgothica.

There were quite a few role players around as I was exploring.  Whenever I visit a roleplay sim, my general rule is to try and stay out of the way and mind my own business.  I haven’t had any negative experiences and most times, someone will send me a friendly i.m to say hello.

If you are looking for a role play game to play, you can find the details for Venexia at the SGS game system website.  There you will find the complete story history and all those details you will need to join in all the vampire action.   

If you’re looking for a cool place to explore, click here for the SLurl.



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