Dear Anonymous

I rarely get nasty blog comments. It happened once when I first started blogging and since then, things have been pretty quiet around here. Until yesterday when I received an anonymous comment telling me that I should stick to blogging about places to explore in Second Life because noone was interested or cared about my real life.

Yes, my feelings were hurt by it, but after a night of sleep, I am over it. But it got me to thinking about Second Life and social media and how easy it is for some to hide behind the veil of pseudonimity or anonymity and say mean things to people that they would never say to their faces. It’s cowardly. I see it in the SL blogosphere (I can’t believe I just used that word), and my Twitter stream. I saw it a lot on Plurk too which is one of the reasons why I gave up Plurk. I generally don’t engage in it, although the temptation is there sometimes. But that’s just not my style.

Personally, if I have something to say about someone, I will say it to them, straight up. And you don’t have to be a dick about it either. I expect the same in return. I do not take mean anonymous blog comments seriously, which is why I deleted the comment from this blog and why my comments will be turned on moderation for the time being.

Seriously, dear anonymous, if you are reading this, grow some balls and own your words and maybe I might take you seriously.


10 thoughts on “Dear Anonymous

  1. Lizzie Gudkov

    After reading your post one thing comes to mind. This is YOUR blog. And that pretty much states it all. You can write about whatever you want and quite frankly writing about RL (as opposed to writing about SL) is ofetn a refreshing alternative. Behind our SL avatars, there are people. Behind a blog about SL, about RL, about whichever topic, there is a person. And that person is in command of the blog, period! Now anonimity is an easy cover indeed. But then again, it has the face value of… zero. My name is Lizzie Gudkov 🙂 Hi!

  2. Carrie Lexington

    I figure if anyone doesn't like what I choose to share here, they have the choice to follow or not. I'm certainly not going to turn this into a RL blog (I have another blog for that), but I also think it's refreshing every once in awhile. Thanks so much Lizzie!

  3. Mayala Loon

    Hi Carrie ;-)I read your blog regularily and it's actually one of my fav blogs…I like your pics, your thoughts and the mix of SL and RL …and hope to see a lot more of it*hugs*

  4. Chestnut Rau

    I commented earlier but it is not here. *flails* The internet hates me.Your blog is fabulous. You are fabulous. Anyone who disagrees can go read elsewhere.Please don't let the cowards ruin your day.

  5. Carrie Lexington

    Thanks Ches. The only thing that ruined my day today is this headache that will not leave me! I'm too busy being pissed about that to let anonymous ruin my day lol I took it personally when I first saw it yesterday, but I'm okay now. ❤ ❤ ❤


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